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The heritage of our company began over a century ago in the small village of Donnici, Italy located on the sunny hillsides of Calabria.

The people of Donnici took great pride in their close ties to agriculture, which at the turn of the last century was the mainstay of the regions. For most, sunrise to sunset was spent planting, cultivating, and harvesting the crops, tending to the animals, and maintaining their vineyards and orchards in the surrounding countryside. Delicious and bountiful food, warmly shared with friends and family, was at the very center of their lives and served as a foundation to the storytelling that deeply rooted generations in traditions and heritage.

Wheat to make homemade pasta and fresh crusty breads; tomatoes, olives and olive oil, and an abundance of fruits and vegetables were often harvested from the family's own land. Hand crafted Salumi, wonderfully delectable Italian cheese, produced by artisan cheese makers who made just a form or two a day from the milk of their small herds, almost always adorned the table.

It was into this culture that Luigi Bozzo, the founder of Ginos, was born in 1931, one of nine children, son of a coal miner, in the small village of Donnici. Here he learned the art of making fine Italian food.

In Luigi's early life, work was hard but family and friends were always close. This tight circle was expanded in a wonderful way when Luigi married Angelina in a small church (Santa Maria) in Donnici in 1952. Luigi's wife Angelina was a source of both strength and pride for Luigi. It was painful to think of being separated from his roots and the land he loved so much, but Luigi recognized the difficult economic reality of the times. He looked across the Atlantic to America, a land of limitless opportunity, where he believed a person could rise to any level based on hard work and a dream. Luigi left for this land of hope, with his wife and five children.

In 1975, the Family opened the doors of Gino's Restaurant in old town Salinas. Luigi worked tirelessly to ensure the fledging company's success. It was not uncommon to work 15 hours a day, seven days a week. It was durning this time that their sons and daughters learned the trade,


The unique taste of Gino's food, derived from Luigi's unswerving passion for excellence, proved to be the impetus for the company's growth over the years to come. It ultimately took over half a century for Luigi to achieve his dream, but he was finally able to see his company establish itself in the marketplace with a reputation of producing great food.We are confident that you will appreciate the depths of these convictions each time you experience one of our fine Restaurants, and we especially hope the presence of our Italian cuisine in your kitchen will bring an extra measure of warmth, love, and memorable times for both family and friends.

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